marina, moscow; but things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do. and i would gladly hit the road, get up and go if i knew that someday it would lead me back to you.

"There’s so much stuff Tom can do which I can’t and i’m not even trying because I know, ‘ok Tom covers that’, he knows exactly how to produce and where the right sounds are. I tell him something I want and I know he’s gonna find it and he’s gonna make it. And he can capture what I want like no one else can." Bill Kaulitz about his twin Tom Kaulitz

Period Troubles


Period: you want cookies
Period: you want to fuck
Period: you want to fuck while eating cookies
Period: lets be sad about trivial things, shall we?
Period: kill them
Period: kill them too
Period: kill them and eat their cookies
Period: shhhh it’s okay you’ll feel better soon
Period: no you wont fuck you
Period: whoops you dropped a spoon better cry

Camila biting her lip (x)



"This win was important for us after what happened the other day in La Liga. You couldn’t ask for better than this.I’m really happy, although my goal went in with some help. I’m making the most of all the chances I can get to play. I’m working hard every day to earn my place in the team and it’s then up to the manager to decide." 

- Nacho Fernandez, after the match against FC Basel | 16-09-14


untitled by Randy P. Martin on Flickr.

Beyonce celebrating her 33-d birthday